connogue limited

telecommunications and spectrum management consultants


Connogue Limited based in Ireland has ceased trading following the retirement of the CEO David Court. However David has retained the Connogue brand in order to continue with a small number of consultancy tasks. Connogue specialises in telecommunications regulation, spectrum management and radiocommunication matters. Prior to establishing Connogue Limited David was a Deputy Director of the UKís radio regulatory administration, the first Director of CEPTís European Radiocommunications Office in 1991 (now ECO), the first Director General of the GSM Association in 1997 and the spectrum advisor to a Middle East telecommunications regulatory authority.

Key strengths include:

An in-depth knowledge of the radiocommunication, spectrum management and telecommunications regulatory and commercial environment in Europe and other key markets around the world.

An extensive network of contacts in operators and regulators.


Comprehensive technical, regulatory and commercial skills.

Considerable experience of working in developing countries. Connogue has undertaken a substantial number of projects with governments, regulators and commercial companies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

National Regulatory Authorities and Spectrum Management Organisations continue to be aware of the strategic importance of the radio spectrum and its contribution to economic growth, jobs, national security and quality leisure activities. Connogue has the expertise to balance the key factors crucial in developing an effective spectrum management policy addressing licensing and tariffs, operator competency, spectrum regulation, auctions and spectrum trading, frequency allocation and assignment, national and international co-ordination, monitoring, enforcement and control, spectrum engineering, type approval and standards, conformity assessment, spectrum migration (refarming) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues.

If you believe that I may be able to help you achieve a positive outcome for any spectrum management initiatives in which you may be involved do not hesitate to contact me by email or by telephone to +353 87 236 7580.