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Airborne Emission Survey Specialists & Network EMC Consultants

  • EMC CATV Network Testing
  • Airborne Network Quality and CLI Testing
  • Airborne Signal Metering and Flyover Field Strength Measurements
  • Testing to FCC Part 76 and European/National Regulatory Requirements
  • Harmonised Standard Conformity
  • CENELEC EN50083-8 ConformityTestTech 3 dimensional survey result
  • Ground Support and RF Leak Assessment
  • Liaison with NRAs and International bodies
  • EMC Training and EMC Consultancy service

TestTech Europe undertakes airborne flyovers to locate radio frequency (RF) leakage hotspots from electronic communications networks such as CATV. This provides an efficient and cost effective use of Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) personnel on the ground by getting them to the key locations, quickly and efficiently. TestTech’s flyover results are essentially an index of network quality as well as EMC performance. In addition flyovers provide network operators with a cost effective accurate assessment of the effects of multiple RF leakage sources. This can be particularly important when it is required to demonstrate to regulators that RF leakage in critical frequency bands is at a low level.

With the TestTech flyover concept, ingress and egress come together in an effective EMC and quality programme. By reducing egress the network’s immunity or ingress characteristics are improved, thus creating a favourable EMC environment and reducing fault situations and repair team call outs.

This site provides a wealth of information on regulatory, technical and operational network EMC issues, in both Europe and the United States. The process of conducting airborne flyovers is also described in detail as well as the TestTech Europe consultancy and EMC training services.

A glossary of abbreviations used on this site can be found here! 

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