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About TestTech

TestTech Europe (TTE) is an English company established in 2002 with its operational headquarters located in Bournemouth, in close proximity to Bournemouth International Airport from where most of TestTech’s airborne activities originate. TestTech’s Directors have a wealth of experience in aeronautical services, technical and operational CATV issues as well as global EMC, spectrum management and telecommunications regulation.

TestTech's global headquarters is in Ireland; the company may however be contacted through its offices in London and New York. Ultimately TestTech intends to offer a cost effective global service covering all aspects of airborne emission measurements, general EMC network solutions, ingress resolution and CATV network management. Because of operational factors our initial focus is on frequencies above 30 MHz, however TestTech is also interested in joint venture proposals to develop airborne emission measuring techniques for frequencies below 30 MHz in order to have a DSL and PLC measurement capability.TestTech Europe uses Partenavia P68 aircraft for flyovers

For its airborne measurements TestTech uses fully qualified commercial pilots and twin engined aircraft; clients can therefore be confident of a service, which meets the highest standards required by aviation and telecommunications regulators around the World.


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