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Before commencing a flyover test, frequencies are carefully chosen to suit local conditions in consultation with operators and the NRA as appropriatTestTech Europe uses Partenavia P68e. The aircraft measurement system is accurately calibrated against a ground based reference emission. Airborne field strength measurements are linked to positional information derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigational system. An analysis (and display) approach is then provided which meets clients’ requirements.

Detailed planning is also undertaken with the national civil aviation administration and in-depth discussions will be held with all operator(s) involved in the survey, to obtain an understanding of any network or operational issues. Last but not least, TestTech will ensure that all necessary regulatory requirements are in place before commencing a survey.

The result will be similar to the picture below (dependant on client’s requirements), which clearly identifies certain areas of high field strength, marked red and yellow. In addition the raw data will also be provided, which will allow further analysis by clients using their own mapping programs

Further information on the TestTech capability and an indication of costs are provided here.

Network with around 550,000 customers

Grid flown at 452 metres (1500 ft) altitude with 900 metres (0.5 mile) separation

Air Speed 90 Knots

Flight patterns up to 850 metres (2500 ft) may be possible


TestTech Europe - Flyover result showing 'hot spots'

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