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On this page we look at the ‘tools’ used for measuring leakage as well as the limits applied around the World.

The aircraft used for the flyover is critical since most aviation regulatory authorities require twin engined aircraft and commercial pilots for low flying projects such as an airborne emission survey, especially if entry to restricted air space is required near busy air corridors and major airports.

TestTech Europe helps eradicate ingress to achieve better programme qualityInformation on the instruments used in the aircraft for measuring and recording the cumulative field strength arising from radio frequency leakage is provided here. On the ground individual leaks can be found using portable receiving equipment and if required accurate field strength measurements can be performed using spectrum analysers and calibrated antennas. The versatile nature of the TestTech operation also enables the flyover test to become a driveby test. This configuration allows a detailed verification of measurements made in the air, linked to positional information obtained from the GPS navigational equipment.

The field strength limits applicable in the United States and Europe are included here.


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