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Smaller Electronic Communication (Telecommunication) Operators often do not have in-house expertise in training together with the breadth of knowledge necessary to train personnel in Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) matters. For the Operator, RF leakage (egress) can have a major impact on network quality since where there is egress, it is virtually certain that there is also ingress. In other words, radiocommunication emissions on the same or nearby frequencies that are used on the network, will penetrate the plant and cabling, causing patterning on customersí analogue television channels and data loss on telecommunication circuits.

Do your staff know about the regulatory requirements nationally and in Europe, and what the future is likely to hold? Are they conversant with national and international standards developments? And are they able to find leakage in the field in a cost effective manner? Are your staff aware of the various methods of finding and measuring leakage and are they knowledgeable about simple and easy to implement remedies, which can form part of a routine maintenance visit?

Contact TestTech Europe if you would like to discuss a training programme tailored to your needs. Our people are also conversant with operational and network issues, so a comprehensive training programme can be provided, which will bring added value to any cable operatorís business and bottom line, through a significant reduction in reported faults and consequential callouts.

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